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The Practical Guide For An Acupuncturist: Unveiling the Secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jese Leos
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Published in Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture: The Practical Guide For An Acupuncturist
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An Acupuncturist Performing Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture: The Practical Guide For An Acupuncturist

Are you considering a career as an acupuncturist? Do you have a passion for healing and a fascination with traditional Chinese medicine? Look no further – this practical guide is tailored just for you!

The Ancient Art of Acupuncture

Acupuncture, an ancient healing practice originating in China, has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness in treating various ailments and promoting overall well-being. It involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points of the body to stimulate energy flow, known as Qi, and restore balance in the body.

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture: The Practical Guide for an Acupuncturist
by Seung Choi ([Print Replica] Kindle Edition)

4.5 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 76262 KB
Lending : Enabled

Why Choose Acupuncture as a Career?

Becoming an acupuncturist offers numerous rewards and opportunities. It is a fulfilling career where you can make a significant impact on people's lives by helping them find relief from pain, stress, and other health issues. You get to embrace traditional Chinese medicine, a holistic approach that focuses on treating the root causes of ailments rather than just the symptoms.

Education and Training

To embark on this journey, it is essential to obtain the necessary education and training. Research accredited institutions that offer comprehensive acupuncture programs. These programs typically cover the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture techniques, anatomy, physiology, and clinical practice.

Becoming Certified and Licensed

After completing your acupuncture program, it is vital to pursue certification and licensing to establish credibility and legality for your practice. Requirements may vary depending on your country or state, so it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the local regulations and board certifications necessary to become a licensed acupuncturist.

Setting Up Your Practice

Once you have obtained the necessary qualifications, it's time to set up your acupuncture practice. Choose a location that is easily accessible for your clients and create a soothing ambiance that aligns with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Invest in comfortable treatment tables, sterilization equipment, and state-of-the-art acupuncture needles to ensure the best experience for your patients.

Building Your Clientele

As a new acupuncturist, building a client base is crucial for a successful practice. Develop a marketing strategy to raise awareness about your services. Utilize online platforms, such as social media and search engine optimized websites, to reach potential clients. Providing educational content and organizing workshops can also showcase your expertise and attract new clients.

The Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture offers a wide range of benefits for individuals seeking alternative forms of healing. Stress relief, pain management, improved sleep quality, enhanced fertility, and emotional well-being are just a few of the positive outcomes experienced by many acupuncture patients. By continuing your education and staying updated with the latest research, you can provide your clients with the highest level of care.

Continuing Education and Professional Development

Acupuncture is a constantly evolving field. Stay up-to-date with the latest scientific advancements, research, and treatment techniques by pursuing continuing education courses and attending conferences. This commitment to learning will not only enhance your skills as an acupuncturist but also differentiate you from others in the field.

Becoming an acupuncturist is a path that combines passion, healing, and an ancient approach to medicine. By following this practical guide, you can embark on a fulfilling career that promotes wellness and helps others in need. Remember to always prioritize the needs of your clients, stay connected with the latest developments in the field, and strive for excellence as you explore the fascinating realm of acupuncture.

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture: The Practical Guide for an Acupuncturist
by Seung Choi ([Print Replica] Kindle Edition)

4.5 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 76262 KB
Lending : Enabled

Please be aware that this ebook is print replica(PDF) with many illustrations and photos. Devices with 7 inches or larger color screen recommended. This book explains cosmetic acupuncture points and insertion techniques with the various pictures and surface anatomy to help the readers easily apply these maneuvers in the clinical field. Facial cosmetic acupuncture treatment consists of three principles. The first principle is the orthodox TCM method with Qi modulation. The second principle is based on local, tissue effect with needle stimulation. The last principle is the unique Korean cosmetic acupuncture controlling tension of the facial muscles.


Cosmetics in TCM
1. Background and History of Cosmetics in TCM
2. Aging and Cosmetics in TCM
3. History and Trend of Cosmetic Acupuncture
4. Other Treatment Options in TCM

Anatomy and Physiology for Cosmetic Acupuncture
1. Structure and Function of the Skin
2. Face Aging
3. Bones
4. Muscles

Cosmetic Acupuncture Application
1. Three Principles of Cosmetic Acupuncture
2. Clinical Application of Cosmetic Acupuncture
3. Commonly Used Acupoints
4. Diagnosis for Cosmetic Acupuncture
5. Choice of Needles and Needling Techniques
6. The 5Cs of Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture Points and Insertion
1. Distal Points
2. Local Points

About the authors

Seung Choi, OMD, LAc
She is an acupuncturist, writer, and speaker. She graduated from the best oriental medical school in S. Korea, Kyunghee University, and finished residentship training as an internal medicine specialist in Bosaeng hospital in S. Korea. She has experienced in acupuncture over 25 years, especially she has devoted herself to female patients with psychosomatic problems, obesity, and cosmetic fields. She believes that true health and beauty come from sound mind, therefore she has been combining various ways for mental health in acupuncture practice. She studied 'Neuropsychiatry' in Kyunghee graduate school of Oriental Medicine and ‘Dance/Movement therapy' in Seoul women's graduate school in S. Korea. She has been a staff physician of Hamsoa Oriental Medicine Clinic and a lecture at Samra and Dongguk University in LA since she moved to US in 2007. She has been running her unique ’Yangsung’ program, which combines TCM and psychiatry for obesity patients, and practicing facial cosmetic acupuncture techniques based on muscle/fascia tensegrity.

Other TCM books by Seung Choi:
1. Dance Diet based on TCM (2004)
2. How to Make Herbal Remedies by Yourself (2007)
3. Sasang Medicine: A Self-Learning Text(kindle edition) (2017)

Hyungsuk Choi, OMD, LAc, PhD
Dr. Choi is a top acupuncture clinician with over 24 years of experience specializing in musculoskeletal pain disorders. He started his medical career in Seoul, Korea after graduating from the school of Oriental Medicine in Kyunghee University and got a PhD in Complementary and Alternative Medicine from Cha University. As a practitioner in S. Korea, he mainly cared for patients with musculoskeletal disorders. In 2008, he moved to LA and worked as a professor at Samra University and president of Samra Spinal Center. Since then, he has been teaching acupuncture at Dongguk University in LA, and publishing many articles in peer-reviewed medical journals. He is also the co-author of “Sasang Medicine: a Self-Learning Text”. From his experience working in S. Korea’s national public health care and as a university researcher working alongside talented medical doctors and other scientists, his experience led him to develop an acupuncture technique called, “Kinetic Acupuncture.”

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